Six Sigma Case Study




The client company utilizes a Six Sigma process to improve operational performance and reduce costs by decreasing variation in their processes and products. The earlier improvements are implemented, the better the results. The company’s Six Sigma projects, however, failed to achieve the company’s ambitious process improvement goals.

The company assumed that their Six Sigma Black Belts were already experienced in project management and were capable of leading projects to a successful completion. As it turned out, management overestimated their Black Belts’ project management abilities and their Six Sigma projects were being delivered substantially behind schedule and over budget.

In addition, Black Belts were provided Microsoft Project templates for use in managing Six Sigma projects even though they were never trained to use this complex software package. Over time, Black Belts became frustrated, and many began using spreadsheets or word processors rather than the project management software tool.

PMAlliance Solution

PMAlliance trained their Black Belts and Green Belts to use our Duration-Driven® project management methodology, Microsoft Project, our software add-in tools, and our Web Update tool. We then began working with the company’s Six Sigma teams to demonstrate the application of formal project management techniques.


PMAlliance has established a strong ongoing relationship with the company, and company executives are extremely pleased with the tangible results of our efforts. Black Belts are completing their Six Sigma projects more often on time and within budget. Just as importantly, we have received a great deal of positive feedback from the Black Belts, who now feel more capable of successfully managing Six Sigma projects.


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