Methodology Videos

Hiring an outside consulting team can be a big internal decision. Learn more about what makes our company stand out from the competition and see each step of the process when working with PMAlliance.

Our Duration-Driven Methodology (3:21)

Our proprietary Duration-Driven® Methodology is what distinguishes us from other companies. It is the foundation of our success and essential to the continuing success of all the projects we support. In his ground-breaking book, The Mythical Man-Month (1975), Frederick Phillips Brooks identified the importance of duration-based planning to achieve successful projects. He observed that: “Our duration estimations confuse effort…

Implementing Duration-Driven (2:11)

Learn each step in the process of implementing our proven Duration-Driven Methodology.

Onboarding – After You Hire PMAlliance (2:08)

Learn what happens after your hire PMAlliance from day one to the completion of your project.

PMAlliance Training (2:20)

The first step in any project is training team members. Learn about our Duration-Driven course and how it sets teams on the right track for success.

Planning & Control (2:36)

The foundation for successful projects is the use of a formal, proactive control process continuously over the life of the project.