Methodology Videos

Hiring an outside consulting team can be a big internal decision. Learn more about what makes our company stand out from the competition and see each step of the process when working with PMAlliance.

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) (2:21)

Businesses don’t always have the project management proficiency and related tools to create and maintain accurate project plans. As inconsistent planning and control methodologies are used across the portfolio, any deficiencies in skills or expertise are magnified. Learn how PMAlliance’s project portfolio management services can bring full visibility to your portfolio of projects.

Our Duration-Driven Methodology (3:21)

Our proprietary Duration-Driven® Methodology is what distinguishes us from other companies. It is the foundation of our success.

Implementing Duration-Driven (2:11)

Learn each step in the process of implementing our proven Duration-Driven Methodology.

Onboarding – After You Hire PMAlliance (2:08)

Learn what happens after your hire PMAlliance from day one to the completion of your project.

PMAlliance Training (2:20)

The first step in any project is training team members. Learn about our Duration-Driven course and how it sets teams on the right track for success.

Planning & Control (2:36)

The foundation for successful projects is the use of a formal, proactive control process continuously over the life of the project.

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