3 Benefits of an Accurate Project Portfolio View

If your company hasn’t yet implemented a solid project portfolio methodology, you may not be getting the most out of your project investments. You might be missing important data points, trends, risks, and opportunities simply because you don’t have the insight you need to spot them. You may also recognize your organization could be doing…

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Alert Executives to Project Problems

Project teams have deep insight into their initiatives’ inner workings, but unless executives are involved with projects on a daily basis, they likely don’t have the same level of familiarity. Senior staff members may not know where projects are in terms of progress or resource consumption, or even how one project’s metrics compare to others…

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The Impacts of Testing & QC on Manufacturing Projects

Testing and QC programs are a useful and necessary part of the manufacturing sector, but PMs need to be ready to address the significant impacts these activities can have on projects that are already in progress. Once the results of a testing or QC program are released, the effects on the project can range from delays in downstream activities to changes in the project’s scope. Successfully executing tasks in spite of these impacts—sticking to the target completion date and approved budget—can be tricky. But while juggling mid-project changes is often challenging, there are strategies organizations can use to ensure that testing and QC efforts don’t put the project’s success in jeopardy.

5 Stakeholder Questions Project Teams Don’t Want to Hear

PMP®s are the source of knowledge for anyone curious about the project’s planning and execution details, and it’s normal for the team to field a steady stream of questions from stakeholders. Queries commonly cover a range of areas, including the expected sequence and timing of activities, vendor selection criteria and contract status, work disruption impacts—it’s…

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Avoid the End-of-Project Rush

Has your project team found its members frantically trying to pull together loose ends and searching for wayward information as a project winds down? Even when milestone tasks have been completed per the plan, PMP®s could discover that vital activities still stand in the way of reaching the project’s goals and satisfying its stakeholders. The…

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6 Ways Project Teams Sabotage Their Training

Key skill sets, best practices, available technology tools, and project management thought leadership are constantly advancing. To keep pace, PMP®s must make ongoing training a top priority. Unfortunately, too many project teams unknowingly undermine their educational endeavors and spend training dollars (and their time) inefficiently. If you want to be sure your team is getting…

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Developing and working with contingency plans is a routine part of project management. Additional funds, alternate material or equipment options, revised workflows, and shifted timeframes may all be part of contingency planning efforts, and a well-crafted plan can enable a project team to be extremely nimble while ensuring the project’s success.


Now that we’re in the thick of the gift-giving season, it seems like a good time to put together a list of gifts every project management professional would love to receive. But rather than focusing on quantity like the holiday songs of yore, we opted instead for quality—gifts that would be truly valuable to PMP®s. We…

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Panic in a Project Team is a terrible thing. It crushes productivity and saps morale. Helping project team members confront and deal with frightening situations can be difficult, particularly if the senior leadership group is facing the same concerns. Fortunately, a set of baseline steps can bring the team together to address the anxiety in…

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It’s always exciting—as well as hectic—when a new project receives the green light. Last-minute discussions are often held with stakeholders to finalize the details, and as the organization turns its attention to making the project official (usually in the form of assigning capital budget numbers and similar internal machinations) there’s often a lag between when…

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Project Experience

Demanding, time sensitive, and finely tuned, manufacturing projects require close attention and experienced oversight.
IT Projects
Organizations must be able to successfully execute challenging and highly visible technology projects to maximize revenue.
Power Plants
Power Plants must be able to keep these vital infrastructure assets current, efficient, and economically positive.
High-profile hurdles and expensive risks of failure make these projects critical to manage properly from the very beginning.
Presents complexities at nearly every stage, from allocating resources to controlling schedule variances, or clearing regulatory & safety hurdles.
Ensuring team members are able to move outside the silos of their department or discipline is the key to achieving success.
Product Dev
Design and other early-stage activities must be carefully orchestrated while maintaining visibility on future impacts and resource needs.
Mergers & Acquisitions
Among the riskiest and most strategically important initiatives a company can undertake, and their outcomes can make or break the business.
Finance & Insurance
Technology implementations call for the right level of planning detail and diligent oversight.
An ERP implementation can be among the most disruptive and strategically important initiative an organization can undertake.