Focus Groups


We’ve talked about when establishing a focus group makes sense (should-you-establish-a-focus-group) and how to make focus groups work for you (making-focus-groups-work-for-you), but it’s also important to understand the limitations of focus groups. There are things they can’t do, and your efforts will be wasted if you’re hoping for something unrealistic. We’ve put together an overview…

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Should You Establish a Focus Group?

Earlier we talked about how your Project Team can make the most of focus groups (making-focus-groups-work-for-you) and (What Focus Groups Can’t Do), but it’s important to remember that a focus group may not be right for every project. Situations will vary, but below are some guidelines to help you determine if a focus group is…

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Making Focus Groups Work for You

If your Project Team uses focus groups to gather information from end users, you’re not alone—these interactive teams have been a popular feedback vehicle for years. But are you (and your participants) getting the most out of the experience? We have some suggestions to keep your focus groups effective, efficient, and enthused. Also see: (What Focus…

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