Are Your Responsible for Your Own Plan?

There are not enough hours in the day…

Odds are you have more than enough on your plate, and probably do not have enough time to get everything accomplished.  Perhaps you are a project manager overseeing multiple projects or a project office staffer who is providing schedule support for an entire organization?  At any rate, you are stretched thin and require the best skills and tools available to make sure you are effectively performing at the top of your game. What you need is a time-tested, proven planning and control methodology that will give you clarity and visibility to your project’s intended path.  And, the confidence to know that the project schedule is developed accurately and reflects reality.  Of course, the standard out-of-the-box software simply does not offer enough power to do your job effectively, nor do you have time to learn an elaborate project management system.  Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an integrated solution?

How Do We Address These Issues?

PMAlliance has developed a turn-key project management solution that provides a proven project management planning and control methodology with an advanced software utility set.  The combination of this integrated project management package provides professional project managers a way to differentiate themselves from their peers by delivering consistently superior project results! The methodology arms you with the framework to develop a rock-solid project schedule, while the technology offers you advanced analytic and diagnostic tools not available in standard software packages.  

What is Duration-Driven® Planning and Control?

Duration-Driven Planning and Control is a team-based methodology founded on the basic principle that in order to keep a team committed to a project schedule, they need to have input into building that schedule.  Further, to more accurately reflect the fluctuation in their daily work schedule (various responsibilities, multiple projects, juggling priorities, etc.) they should plan their projects according to estimated durations instead of best-case effort approximations. This approach results in a network-based project schedule that more accurately reflects reality and is a higher quality work product.  The methodology provides a clear set of guidelines, terminology and techniques to be used by the team during the project planning phase.  Duration-Driven Methodology doesn’t stop with the development of a project plan; it extends into the critical importance of project control.  The methodology addresses the entire project management lifecycle from initial stakeholder alignment, to schedule development, through the control process.  Its comprehensive nature ensures participants gain value from project inception to close-out. 

What are these software utilities all about?

PMAlliance’s advanced software utility suite provides a few key solutions.

  • It helps practitioners of Duration-Driven Planning and Control easily adapt standard out-of-the box software to the methodology.
  • It provides project managers the skills to effectively utilize the scheduling software to enable a network project schedule to be more dynamic.
  • It offers advanced analytic and diagnostic tools to help identify issues and resolve scheduling errors.
  • It provides a robust package of standardized reports to drive consistency in the project management process.

In truth, the utility suite makes project management software work the way you wished it would when you bought it!

How can I acquire these skills?

Duration-Driven Planning and Control is delivered during a 2-day instructor-led event.  Throughout the two-day event, practical challenges are posed, participants engage in various group exercises and students learn how they can adapt the general techniques taught in the class to the unique aspects of their projects.   At the conclusion of this program, participants will be well equipped to participate in creating comprehensive project plans, implement disciplined processes for maintaining those plans, and utilize management reviews to ensure deliverables are completed in a timely manner.  Anyone interested in improving their ability to utilize Microsoft Project, as well as gain a perpetual license to PMAlliance’s Advanced Utility Set can add on an additional day of software training.  Our one-day program will enable participants to dramatically improve their effectiveness and software productivity.

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