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The Schedule Challenges Behind Manufacturing Projects


  Scheduling challenges exist in every type of project, but manufacturing efforts bring with them some unique risks and obstacles. Outside influences and unexpected developments can impact timelines in surprising ways, putting the team in a difficult position. Frustration arises when a schedule goes off track, sometimes pushing PMOs to cut corners as they try…

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Partnering with an External Consultancy: Facts & Fears


Executive groups and internal project team members are often unsure what it means to partner with an outside project management firm. There may be concerns about job stability for PMO staff or the potential for damage to the team’s reputation. Some people worry about the logistics of working with an external expert and how it might contribute to a difficult environment, where workloads, time pressures, and stress levels are already high.

These are reasonable concerns but they’re typically based on the unknown. They don’t reflect the reality of partnering with an experienced outside consultancy. We’ve compiled some of the most common fears we hear from potential clients and balanced them against the facts of how a relationship with an external expert functions in the real world.

If your organization is considering an external consultancy but fear is holding you back, see how a partnership with an outside project management expert really works.

5 Trends That Spell Project Trouble

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One important skill PMP®s possess is the ability to spot trends and determine what impact they may have on a project. That same competency can benefit the team in other ways, too. Aside from typical concerns—difficult labor market conditions, lack of raw materials availability, etc.—project teams should also be attuned to internal trends that could…

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Is Your Project Team Ready To Move Quickly?

When winter storms hit, we’re reminded of the need to be prepared—with flashlights, snow shovels, spare tires. Project teams must also be ready to move quickly when the need arises. It may be in response to a problem, such as a new piece of equipment that arrives broken or the departure of a key PMP®….

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team work

Project management teams rarely achieve success without some level of outside support. Staying in tune with external collaborators and vendors is something smart PMOs do, because they know they’ll often receive better service and sometimes even better pricing when the relationship benefits everyone involved. Below are a few steps project teams can take to ensure…

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