Executive Support Contributes to Project Success


Enthusiastic backing from sponsors and champions is often a primary factor behind a project’s success. Another group that can lend an elevated level of advocacy to PMP®s is the executive team. With their influence and authority, high-ranking members of the organization’s leadership body can offer support that goes above and beyond what’s available from other…

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Is Your PMO Overlooking These Performance Metrics?

Square ruler and compass on a silver surface

Many of the metrics used by project teams to gauge performance are obvious. PMP®s are already tracking adherence to budgets and timelines. They review how well each project’s goals were met and how closely they aligned with stakeholders’ expectations. They also maintain watch over things such as pre- and post-project productivity impacts across end user…

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5 Reasons Great Project Ideas Fail


Innovation is a core trait of successful project teams. PMP®s must be able to quickly come up with new ideas on ways to address difficult problems, often while relying on others outside the project office—sponsors, end users, internal and external business partners—for help in implementing the proposed solutions. But brainstorming innovative ideas isn’t where most…

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Give Project Managers Time to Do Their Best Work

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Internal project managers (PMs) are a rare breed, applying their valuable mix of skills and experience to the project office’s inside workings. But though they’re expected to develop high-performing teams and oversee a broad project portfolio, they often don’t have enough time to focus on the leadership aspects of their role. Instead, they’re occupied with…

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Tribal Knowledge in the Project Office


Tribal knowledge. Every project office has it, though many PMP®s don’t even realize it. It’s that deep vein of historical context and lessons learned that team members tap into when their conventional data channels fall short. Notoriously difficult to nail down and aggregate, tribal knowledge can be a huge benefit to the group, but only…

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