How much is lack of adequate training hurting your organization?

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It’s not surprising to learn that lack of adequate project management training for team members can have a devastating impact on your project timelines and budget. See how a trained versus untrained team can impact your projects, but more importantly, your ability to make informed business decisions that could seriously impact your organization’s future. Want…

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Can Webinars Replace Stakeholder Meetings?


Webinars have become an increasingly popular platform for all sorts of educational events, from competency training to new product launches. But can they really replace live meetings—whether face-to-face or by telephone or video conference—where project teams interact with sponsors, end users, and other stakeholders? The answer: It depends. Where webinars work well When you have…

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3 Signs Your Project Office Technology Is Outdated

Outdated Technology

Technology evolves at a lightning pace. New features and expanded capabilities are released nearly every day, and platforms that didn’t even exist yesterday could be obsolete in the blink of an eye. Given the furious speed of advancement, it may seem strange to consider the possibility that your project office could outgrow its technology. But…

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Technology Alone Can’t Make You A Better Project Advocate

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The role of project advocate is one PMP®s take very seriously. The bad news is that heavy workloads and garden variety time constraints sometimes push advocacy down on the priority scale. One popular solution is for project teams to seek out technology tools to maximize their resources.       It’s a good strategy but…

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