7 Questions to Ask If You’re Stressed

Stress isn’t always a bad thing, but too much could eventually diminish your performance as well as your happiness. If you suspect your stress level is out of whack, ask yourself these 7 questions to get back on track.

Documentation Tips: Onsite vs. Offsite Archival

Once your project is in the wrap-up phase, it’s time to decide where your records will be stored—onsite or offsite. We’ve put together some pros, cons, and things to consider for each option to help you determine the solution that’s right for you. And remember that documentation doesn’t have to live in paper form; you…

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Collaboration: Executives

It may seem as though there’s very little “collaboration” with an executive team—they say, you do. But in reality, your Project Team and the executives have a two-way relationship. At any given time, the executive team might be your stakeholder, your project’s biggest supporter, the last stop for funding approval, and sometimes even your end…

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Collaboration: Marketing

Selling your project’s benefits—to internal users, external stakeholders, the media, or even the public—is sometimes best left to the experts in Marketing. Very large or complex projects, those that impact people outside your company, and undertakings that leverage government or public money often employ a Marketing team to help smooth the flow of information and…

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Learn to Spot These 4 Nightmare Stakeholders

Stakeholders are critical to project success—project management teams rely on them for information, feedback, and support. But occasionally you’ll come across a stakeholder that adds more hassle than help. We’ve put together a field guide to help you spot the four most common flavors of nightmare stakeholders. Also check out these other Blog posts: (Nightmare End…

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Stress for Success

Stress: there’s no escaping it. Too much stress makes us lose focus, drift into reaction mode, and eventually burns us out. But we can’t completely eliminate stress, and the good news is that we don’t want to. Instead, it’s time to learn how to harness our stressors and use them to become more productive.

Kick Your Creativity Killers to the Curb

Creativity is essential to Project Team success. Good problem-solving skills are almost always underpinned by an ability to look at issues in new ways, and successfully leading a high-performing team requires someone who can appreciate the value of unconventional thinking. But what if you feel like you’ve been vaccinated against the creative bug? We’ve put…

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6 Habits That Doom Restarted Projects

Resurrecting a previously shelved project can be a trying experience—time and effort is needed to re-evaluate the project’s original scope, your team must identify areas that need to be updated, new data needs to be assimilated into the mix, and someone (you?) will be expected to shepherd the whole thing through the approval process for…

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5 More Tips for Better Presentations

A while ago we posted 10 Tips to Improve Your Next Presentation. Because presentations continue to be a great way to garner support, keep stakeholders in the know, and show end users what they can expect from your project, we’ve rounded up five more ways you can pump up your next presentation.

Delegation 101

Delegating tasks is an important way for you to balance your group’s workload while also helping team members to grow. But farming out responsibilities can be a daunting task by itself. We’ve put together some principles to help you get the best results from delegating within your Project Team.

Project Experience

Portfolio Management
Successful portfolio management calls for exceptional data management skills and diligent oversight across multiple efforts.
Demanding, time sensitive, and finely tuned, manufacturing projects require close attention and experienced oversight.
IT Projects
Organizations must be able to successfully execute challenging and highly visible technology projects to maximize revenue.
Power Plants
Power Plants must be able to keep these vital infrastructure assets current, efficient, and economically positive.
High-profile hurdles and expensive risks of failure make these projects critical to manage properly from the very beginning.
Presents complexities at nearly every stage, from allocating resources to controlling schedule variances, or clearing regulatory & safety hurdles.
Ensuring team members are able to move outside the silos of their department or discipline is the key to achieving success.
Product Dev
Design and other early-stage activities must be carefully orchestrated while maintaining visibility on future impacts and resource needs.
Mergers & Acquisitions
Among the riskiest and most strategically important initiatives a company can undertake, and their outcomes can make or break the business.
Finance & Insurance
Technology implementations call for the right level of planning detail and diligent oversight.
An ERP implementation can be among the most disruptive and strategically important initiative an organization can undertake.