Managing the Impacts of Testing and QC on Manufacturing Projects


Testing and QC programs are a useful and necessary part of the manufacturing sector, but PMs need to be ready to address the significant impacts these activities can have on projects that are already in progress. Once the results of a testing or QC program are released, the effects on the project can range from delays in downstream activities to changes in the project’s scope. Successfully executing tasks in spite of these impacts—sticking to the target completion date and approved budget—can be tricky. But while juggling mid-project changes is often challenging, there are strategies organizations can use to ensure that testing and QC efforts don’t put the project’s success in jeopardy.

Solid Planning is the Answer to the Brexit Uncertainty


Companies worried about the future should instead turn their focus toward planning. Contingency planning has long been a core skill behind successful project management, and it’s a competency that organizations can turn to as the Brexit process moves forward. After reviewing the firm’s goals and where the changing environment might intersect (or interfere), project managers will be able to lay out several contingent paths that can guide the business through the uncertain years ahead, leaning toward one or another of these potential paths as information about the future becomes more clear.

The Schedule Challenges Behind Manufacturing Projects


  Scheduling challenges exist in every type of project, but manufacturing efforts bring with them some unique risks and obstacles. Outside influences and unexpected developments can impact timelines in surprising ways, putting the team in a difficult position. Frustration arises when a schedule goes off track, sometimes pushing PMOs to cut corners as they try…

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5 Reasons Project Stakeholders Run Out of Steam

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Stakeholder engagement can sometimes stall. There are many reasons this disconnect may happen, but most of them can be at least partially addressed by your project management team. Before you can devise a strategy to get these important players back on board, you need to identify why they lost touch with your project in the…

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Project Management Training Infographic by PMAlliance

Check out our latest infographic to find out why Project Management Training should matter to your team and organization. Also check out our other Training Infographic for more great stats: DO YOU NEED PROJECT MANAGEMENT TRAINING?  PMAlliance has a national open enrollment training schedule For more information on the event locations and schedules click HERE PMAlliance project management…

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Project Management Software is a Tool, Not The Answer


Project Management Software is a Tool, Not The Answer  No matter what the job is at hand, great tools in the hands of a trained project management professional will lead to exceptional results. But what about providing great tools to an untrained person? Would you expect comparable results? The answer is a resounding NO!If this…

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A popular tactic of stakeholders who don’t really want to commit, “leaderless” projects are those that end up being turned over to entire groups of end users to babysit, and often result in nightmares for Project Managers. Below are a handful of scenarios that could tell you you’re facing a leaderless project. Approval authority has…

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Sometimes, in their zest to achieve a project’s objectives, Project Managers go a little too far. They push too much, talk too much, or ask too much. But there are usually flags warning you’re in danger of overplaying things. From body language to other subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) cues, below are 4 signs it may…

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Does Your Team Need A Project Intervention? Project Management Tips Video

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“Does Your Team Need A Project Intervention?” Video PMAlliance Project Management Tips | Project Intervention Video Not every project management team has the depth and experience to handle everything a company throws at it. As a project management professional, have you ever felt like you needed some outside help to complete a project successfully? It could be…

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Project Management advocacy is a crucial role within the PMO. Unfortunately, with all the other responsibilities on project managers’ plates today, sometimes their opportunities and obligations as advocates are overlooked or minimized. To help Project Manager‘s maximize their advocacy efforts, we’ve put together the 3 things that most often go wrong.   1 – Waiting…

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