Costs And Benefits Of Working With An Outside Consultancy


Worried you can’t afford the support of an external project partner? You aren’t alone. Project teams often recognize the need for—and usefulness of—outside consultancy firms, but many harbor concerns about the cost or feel they won’t be able to justify the expenditure to the organization’s leadership team. Before your PMO completely writes off the possibility…

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How much is lack of adequate training hurting your organization?

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It’s not surprising to learn that lack of adequate project management training for team members can have a devastating impact on your project timelines and budget. See how a trained versus untrained team can impact your projects, but more importantly, your ability to make informed business decisions that could seriously impact your organization’s future. Want…

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4 Surprising Ways To Upset The Leadership Team

While PMP®s already know the importance of adhering to budgets and keeping end users happy, there are some other, less obvious missteps that might spark the ire of the executives. If your project team finds itself on the receiving end of unexpected high-level scrutiny or dissatisfaction, take a minute to see if you’ve inadvertently taken…

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Keep Project Personalities In Check


Project teams are comprised of a huge range of personalities, some assertive, others more subtle. This diversity provides significant benefit to the PMO, as different perspectives and talents make for a very strong team. But as with most things in life, strengths can sometimes become weaknesses under certain circumstances. The same is true with individuals’…

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Can Webinars Replace Stakeholder Meetings?


Webinars have become an increasingly popular platform for all sorts of educational events, from competency training to new product launches. But can they really replace live meetings—whether face-to-face or by telephone or video conference—where project teams interact with sponsors, end users, and other stakeholders? The answer: It depends. Where webinars work well When you have…

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7 Tips For Process Change Success

Making changes to internal processes can be extraordinarily difficult. Most processes—though they’re often linear in design—have branches that connect with other process, that impact other groups, and that may rely on resources far outside the control of the project’s sponsor group. And while executing process changes can present teams with a real challenge, a handful…

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Project Advocacy Is Not This

Business people working on a creative project in a startup office boardroom

Project offices are increasingly finding value in embracing the advocacy function. The benefits span a wide scope. A broader range of stakeholders become engaged with and committed to the project. As a result, ongoing project support is often easier to find. In addition, the project’s objectives are more in tune with the actual needs of…

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Shielding Stakeholders From Project Pains

Business team at the meeting

As they work to cultivate engaged sponsors and end users, some PMP®s find there are aspects of project planning and execution where stakeholders actually prefer not to be involved. These activities are often those that appear to be more administrative in nature. They are a high priority for the project team but likely little more…

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Project Customers Are Not Created Equal

business people discuss strategy

Project teams must have strong customer service skills no matter which internal or external groups they’re serving. That doesn’t mean, though, that just one type of customer experience can or should be provided across every project that the team executes or every stakeholder group they support. Most project customers fall into one of three categories,…

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Sharing A Vision Of Project Success

Telescope looking over the ocean

Just as PMP®s help stakeholders envision the benefits a project will bring, they must also work to build a common vision for project success within the PMO. Beyond the achievables that are so visible to sponsors and end users, success for those on the project team has some additional layers. If your team wants to…

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