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Why is It So Difficult to Rescue Troubled Projects?

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Sometimes a project goes off the rails—it’s well over budget and eating through the last of its funding, the schedule is slipping and critical milestones haven’t been met, or the parameters of the project have ballooned out of control and the team is no longer sure which goals they’re supposed to be pursuing. Support from…

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Executive Support Contributes to Project Success


Enthusiastic backing from sponsors and champions is often a primary factor behind a project’s success. Another group that can lend an elevated level of advocacy to PMP®s is the executive team. With their influence and authority, high-ranking members of the organization’s leadership body can offer support that goes above and beyond what’s available from other…

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Is Your PMO Overlooking These Performance Metrics?

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Many of the metrics used by project teams to gauge performance are obvious. PMP®s are already tracking adherence to budgets and timelines. They review how well each project’s goals were met and how closely they aligned with stakeholders’ expectations. They also maintain watch over things such as pre- and post-project productivity impacts across end user…

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5 Reasons Great Project Ideas Fail


Innovation is a core trait of successful project teams. PMP®s must be able to quickly come up with new ideas on ways to address difficult problems, often while relying on others outside the project office—sponsors, end users, internal and external business partners—for help in implementing the proposed solutions. But brainstorming innovative ideas isn’t where most…

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Give Project Managers Time to Do Their Best Work

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Internal project managers (PMs) are a rare breed, applying their valuable mix of skills and experience to the project office’s inside workings. But though they’re expected to develop high-performing teams and oversee a broad project portfolio, they often don’t have enough time to focus on the leadership aspects of their role. Instead, they’re occupied with…

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Tribal Knowledge in the Project Office


Tribal knowledge. Every project office has it, though many PMP®s don’t even realize it. It’s that deep vein of historical context and lessons learned that team members tap into when their conventional data channels fall short. Notoriously difficult to nail down and aggregate, tribal knowledge can be a huge benefit to the group, but only…

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Avoid Project Burnout


The end of the year is often a dangerous time for project teams. Budget responsibilities may be weighing on PMP®s as the current fiscal cycle comes to a close and new projections are needed for the months ahead. Performance reviews across past projects and staffing considerations for future efforts are also frequently in full swing…

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Erode Project Stakeholder Trust in 3 Easy Steps

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Stakeholders’ trust in the project team is paramount to success. The organization’s executive group, project sponsors, end users, and outside business partners must be confident in the PMO’s ability to plan and execute even the most complex projects. But there are some ways PMP®s inadvertently erode that trust, through their actions and sometimes through inaction….

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Be a Contingency Planning Rock Star

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Though your project office may be skilled at developing workable contingency plans, there are a few steps many teams still overlook. If you want to raise your game—and boost your PMO’s ability to achieve the best results—consider adding these contingency planning strategies to your tool box. Determine the factors that will trigger each contingency plan….

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Secrets of Successful Project Negotiation

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A tremendous amount of give and take—compromises both large and small—occurs during an average project. If your project office has encountered challenges during the negotiation process, consider these additional strategies as you work to ensure that agreements come out in your favor. The best negotiations begin with a thorough knowledge of the other party’s needs…

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